buying backlinksWhat are high quality backlinks ?

Answering this question is actually quite easy, although it may not come instantly to mind. Many folks consider any backlink on a related page with an adequate Google Page Rank is a “quality” link. I differ. After all, I have built lots of backlinks on related pages using a Page Rank that was reasonable, and HOWEVER seen little or no change in the SERPs.

This is actually why : to begin with, together with the absolute quantity of marketers trying to game Google day-to-day as well as the quantity of junk out there, the search giant is constantly trying to find new methods to assess the quality of backlinks.

They have discovered myriad methods of carrying through this over time, but nonetheless, it actually comes down to- regardless of the system- identifying between what Google actually needs, which is a real “vote” from a different web site or whether or not it exists only to move up in the standings.

In case the link is, in Google’s view, a natural “vote” for another web site, that counts as a quality backlink. Should a link be found to exist only to make the website rise in the ranks, it won’t count as a good quality backlink. If you’d like to make quality backlinks, that is what you should keep in mind: they HAVE TO be natural “votes”, or at least appear that way to Google.

So, what are high quality “natural” backlinks ?

Any url on the web can be analyzed in order to fix it’s value. Page Authority, Domain Authority and Trust Flow are the most important factors.

The higher, the better. Any backlink coming from a url with PA and DA > 15 and TF > 10 is considered by google a quality backlink.

And what about PR ? To tell the truth, PR is less important today as google has stopped updating this value. TF is more important than PR from my experience.

To check online the value of any url, use (for PA and DA) and (for TF). When you find a website meeting those criteria, building a backlink on it worth a lot.

Any back linking campaign will look natural if you’re adding new backlinks steadily and avoid the newbie common mistake of buying 50 links at once.

how to buy quality backlinksWhere to buy quality backlinks ?

Luckily for you, it is a good deal easier to do than you believe. Actually, there are some online services offering you the possibility of buying backlinks on websites based on criteria. The best I’ve found so far is this one. With this service, there is no guessing because you can check the value of the website where your backlink will be created before ordering.

If you apply the method I’ve described, you’re sure to find the most valuable websites to build backlinks on and obtain quick results in you SERP’s. But at one more condition : by following the guidelines described on this website. Those are very important tips that will make the difference between you and your competitors.

The free SEO CALCULATOR worth a free subscription by itself because it can tell you how to get rid of a penalty and gives you the exact number of backlinks you’ll need to rank. And the best part : it gives you the complete formula to mix correctly your anchor text. No excuses here if you’re still getting caught by Penguin 3.0 after that.

To get those quality backlinks, I recommend only using the monthly payment method. You never know if the website owner will still be online in 1 or 6 months. How many websites did you already closed ? And the best part : you have a complete control on your backlinking profile with this service. If google makes any updates, you can easily cancel any backlinks within minutes. Total security. To let anyone create backlinks you don’t control is complete suicide in 2015.

The websites to choose from will all have those properties :

  • Real & active websites with traffic
  • All pages are in Google cache
  • Unique C-Class IP & location
  • All pages with real PR
  • See backlink page before you pay
  • USA, UK, CA, AU & EU
  • You chose Do-follow or No-follow links, indexed by Google
  • You link surrounded with 500 characters of your choice (100% contextual)
  • NOT site-wide
  • NOT blog comments or forum posts
  • Links Placed manually for 100% natural
  • Low outbound links (<10)
  • 20,000 different website owners
  • Full control over the links
  • From $ 0,43 per link

Here is how to get quality backlinks in 2015 :

Subscribe on this website, enter your money site url in the SEO CALCULATOR, select the country and the keyword you want to rank for. Wait from 1 hour to 2 days for the report. Follow the simple instructions but it is not required to select websites with highest PR or highest prices.

Use instead the TF, PA and DA for a correct selection. You’ll be surprised : you can find valuable websites to build backlink on starting at $ 0,43 per month.

PA and DA can be seen directly but not the Trust Flow. I’m always using majestic to check the TF because it’s very accurate.

One more thing :

This backlinking seo service offers you the possibility to send your review after a couple of weeks of utilization. In exchange, they offer you … $ 100 ! No kidding.